Carbon Intelligence

Know the Facts
about your Carbon position
about your regulatory position
about the Carbon market. 

Be Intelligent
in your response to the
challenges and opportunities
that carbon reporting and
the carbon market bring.


The 2015 United Nations Climate Change Conference (COP 21) held in Paris in December 2015 adopted a resoution to reduce carbon output “as soon as possible” and for all 195 countries to do their best to keep global warming “to well below 2 degrees C”.

The Australian Federal Government has conducted the second auction of the Emissions Reduction Fund, the centrepiece of its Direct Action Plan for the control of Carbon emissions in Australia, and has repealed the Clean Energy Future legislative package with the last Carbon Tax payments made in February 2015.

The International Standard and Australia’s National Greenhouse and Energy Reporting (NGER) regulations require robust data collection, recording and reporting systems.

Carbon Intelligence utilises IT Tools to help address this requirement. We continuously review the wide range of software tools available in the marketplace, we work with software vendors to help them improve the offerings, and so Carbon Intelligence is in a position to help our clients to determine which tool is best for their needs.

The Benefits of deploying IT Tools for NGER and Carbon Footprint reporting include

- Corporate visibility – quickly and powerfully communicate trends and issues
- Automate manual handling and calculation of data
- Single corporate platform for this area
- Maximise the efficiency of data collection
- Minimise the risk of data collection errors

Carbon Intelligence can train your people to carry out each stage of the Carbon Intelligence process, including use of IT Tools for NGER reporting and Greenhouse Gas Emission Statements. 

For good information OUT, you need good data IN

From our experience, the key to any successful IT solution is the consistency, completeness and accuracy of input data. For many businesses, sourcing the data required for NGER and other Carbon Statements is not an easy exercise, and there is potential for uncertainty and reduced confidence around accuracy and completeness of the data, particularly if this task is delayed until just before the compliance deadline.
We therefore recommend that, until your staff are fully trained in Greenhouse Gas Emission Statements, you utilise the services of a support organisation such as Carbon Intelligence to work with your organisation to
- identify all the emission sources
- identify all the data sources
- develop an acceptable data collection process
- appoint the officer responsible for updating your Greenhouse Gas Emission Statement with current data and the most current emissions factors

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